Led Zeppelin, by May 1975, was dubbed by Rolling Stone as the World’s Best Rock Band. Some called the second half of the band’s career a curse, while others considered it punishment for the band’s dabbling in black magic.

Slowly it destroyed Led Zeppelin through serial tragedies. A near-fatal car crash preceded the unexpected death of singer Robert Plant’s son, and his once soaring voice was soon shot, unable to sing even the melodies he himself had written.

Guitarist Jimmy Page slowly became a slave of heroin, rendering him feeble, uninspired, and unable to elicit the magic of their early years.

Drummer John Bonham grew bloated and exhausted with alcoholism, punctuated only by his violent temper. As their performances turned from peaceful events to mass riots, the tragedy of Led Zeppelin concluded with the death of Bonham.

But what if May 1975 had never ended? What if Led Zeppelin had remained young and energetic, performing with the heart-stopping fire and electricity of their early years? Experiencing Led Zeppelin at one point was about sex, magic, and a thundering enormity of sound hitherto unknown.

Zep Replica picks up where Led Zeppelin should never have left off, with the fresh excitement of a legend at the height of their career. Zep Replica portrays Led Zeppelin at their finest moment.

Not only have their performances been described as “eerily similar” to the real thing, but they bring impressive resumes. Guitarist Charlie Glenn has a coast-to-coast reputation for his studio and touring work in indie rock bands, with his name attached to an AMG album pick, a Wikipedia entry, and various awards.

Singer Travis Tucker, whose singing was once a fixture on MTV with indie sensation Motion Picture Demise, has lately turned to composition and production in order to feed his massive ego.

Bassist Stephen Frost was selected by BMI as an up-and-coming composer/arranger; in addition he’s a session musician whose mentor studied under Motown legend Deon Estus.

Drummer Joe Ferguson has been known to ride motorcycles (okay, mopeds) indoors after downing full bottles of scotch (okay, water), but more importantly, has made a name for himself as the loudest and most solid grooving drummer in the region, sharing the stage with such indie stars as Jukebox the Ghost, Frightened Rabbit, the Walkmen, and GirlTalk.

Led Zeppelin lives on in Zep Replica.